gays on film

Gays! On film! Shut up and take my money! I want to see them all and I want to see them all the time! How great does it feel when you hear there's a movie coming out that focuses on gay people?! My heart soars. Or even better - when you don't realise there are going to be gay characters and you're totally taken off guard (hello, Atomic Blonde). 

It's no secret that my favourite gay film is Carol (at last count I'd watched it 47 times) but there are more and more gay-centric films being released now that I feel a bit spoilt for choice. 

In this episode we talk gays on film - favourite movies, favourite moments, gays on the small screen (yes, Xena) and anything else we can fit into 30 minutes. 

Also, please enjoy my Carol collage. 

Also this photo from Bound.