I’ve never watched porn or really been interested in it but found myself on a wild ride through the middle of it recently.


Which made me think - it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that nobody talks about! In Queensland alone, people spend an average of 9 minutes watching porn with the most popular scenarios being lesbian and step mum.


It’s got me so intrigued. The stigma alone is enough to drive you crazy. Are you watching ethical porn? Are you even aware of it? Are you in a relationship? Does your partner know you watch and if so, how do they feel about it?


A total mindfield. So I’ve got the gang together to go hard and uh, get to the bottom of the best gay porn and why the hell no one is talking about it. 

Brandi Love.
Porn star. Mother. Activist. Author. Lecturer.  
(also person that made my insides feel quite nice).