Monique Brumby: the sequel 

Ya’ll some thirsty bitches for our Monique Brumby episode. Turns out - you all bloody loved it.


I had so many emails and messages that I literally could not believe what was happening. Every day someone told me how much they loved the interview and begged me to do another one. 


Full disclosure - I could literally talk to her everyday so you weren’t twisting my arm or anything. She’s so funny and smart and nice, completely lovely and all the other really good words you can use to describe someone. I love chatting to her. 

We talk tragic family photos, how to keep fish alive, a new album and she shares a Bangles story that I feel is gonna wake me up in a cold sweat for the next 20 years and it didn’t even happen to me. 

🎸 + 😎 = 🤣❤️

Oh Hey, Monique Brumby 🎸