Brandi Love ❤️

You might remember our incredibly popular porn episode and how I talked about a lovely lady I had discovered called Brandi Love. Hold onto your hats - BRANDI LOVE IS ON THIS EPISODE!


A contender for the nicest lady in the universe award, she’s also super smart, really funny, a kick ass business lady and an award-winning MILF. And she's a fan of the podcast! What a package! 😍


We’re really sex positive here at Oh Hey, Gays (in case you hadn’t noticed) so I sat down with Brandi to talk porn, Twitter trolls & the idea that - dudes, SEX (& WANTING TO HAVE SEX) IS NATURAL AND NORMAL so quit judging each other. It’s a great chat and I was buzzing for days after it. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. 

Brandi - I know you're probably reading this so thanks again. Can't wait to chat soon! 😘


Oh Hey, Brandi Love ❤️